Another mission is to teach others (parents, teachers, counselors, coaches, behaviorists, etc.) how to use improvisation to help their kids learn and grow into their true potential…and maybe even better themselves as well!

Classes for adults

While the bulk of Linda’s work is with kids, she has also worked over the course of her career teaching adults from theatre troupes to corporate staffs to the developmentally handicapped. Linda uses a similar approach as her kids’ classes, instituting The Fulton Method and using improvisation to solve problems, but tailors it to a more adult audience.


If you’re an instructor looking to teach improv to children, Linda is available for consultation. She will not only educate you on her studies of how children learn (connection, cultural influences, observation, experiencing) and the mysteries of right brain vs. left brain and how to get them working together, she will also teach you or your group various teaching techniques, warm-up activities and improv games for all experience levels, as well as hints to working specifically with children.


Linda also offers seminars where she shares her unique approach to using improvisation to teach kids valuable life lessons and help them live up to their full potential. In her seminars, Linda shares her personal experience with how improv helped her overcome her learning disability, her scientifically proven theories on how children learn and most important, a number of games, exercises and activities and ideas for how you can best use them to teach your kids! Linda currently offers seminars in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, but she is available for travel for seminar and consulting/coaching bookings in other cities in and outside California as well.

Pricing for these services varies. Please contact Linda Fulton for more information.