In 2018, Linda will publish her first book: The Power of Improvisation: New Tools for Child Development and Education. The book is an all-purpose guide to helping kids learn and grow through the fun of improvisation. So much more than an “acting book,” it is meant as a companion to traditional schooling, offering teachers, coaches and parents an alternative approach to developing the personal tools, specific skills and life lessons kids will need to grow and thrive as unique individuals. Linda has the same goal with this book as she does with her improv school: to use the art of theatrical improvisation to offer children a fun and exciting means of tapping into their creativity, guiding them to think out of the box, nurturing important life skills, and allowing children to find the greatest potential in themselves and each other.

In her book, Linda offers:
*A detailed look at her heart-breaking but all-too-familiar story of struggle and how finding improvisation completely changed her life.
*An examination of how children learn and how improvisation pulls from the best of these developmental theories to help approach learning from a different angle, making is accessible to students of all levels.
*Personal stories and testimonials from past and present students and their loved ones as well as celebrity supporters, teachers and renowned experts in child psychology about what improvisation did and can do for children.
*In the bulk of the book, a game plan for teaching improv to kids. This book includes 50 entertaining and educational improv games, adapted and/or created by Linda and used as part of her Fulton Method to help teach skills such as confidence, cooperation, memory recall, focus, intuition, trust, self-validation and much more.