Creativity: A Necessity to Survival!

Teaching children to become more creative is intrinsic to the survival of this planet.

Unfortunately creativity, which is generally nurtured through the arts, is being depleted in our school systems today. This puts our children at a very serious disadvantage. We have historically from the beginning of mankind learned through free play. It was free play that helped us to discover the consequences of our actions and it’s our curiosity while playing that helps to nurture our creative side.

 We need to children to participate in games that they create themselves. Or, if they’re not creating the game, they should at least be able to use their own intellect to enhance their experience with in the game. It is these experiences that eventually spill over into their everyday lives, developing them into the human beings they ultimately become.

 Without these experiences, children will become less able to problem solve beyond what they have been told. Children will get stuck in the dogma of what they’ve been taught and what they have learned. They will rarely see beyond the already established path to advancement as opposed to seeing new possibilities and blazing trails of their own.

 Therefore I encourage everyone young and old to never stop imagining or being creative. These adventures will lead you to new and exciting discoveries. You’re never too young or too old to become a trailblazer. So go out imagine and play. Who knows what new innovations our children will create and contribute to the future of our species?!