Students will have the opportunity to help develop and perform in Total Improv Kids shows. Currently, the studio produces an average of a show per year for a 4-6 week run. Past Total Improv Kids shows have performed at various clubs throughout Hollywood, at local and state festivals and even Off Broadway! Total Improv students work closely with Linda Kellogg Fulton in developing the theme, concept and execution of each show. There is no extra fee for working in the show and all students are given an opportunity to participate. There are no adults involved in the actual performance of the show…it is run solely by the kids!

Past Total Improv Kids Shows

Total Improv Kids has opened for several various adult improv groups, performed fundraisers for various children’s organizations, performed at The Improv in Hollywood, the Kids Space Museum in Pasadena and two theaters in New York City. The company has also participated in the San Francisco Improv Festival and the NoHo Arts Festival, as well as produced numerous shows, including:

Comedy Pizza (2003)
The Schlinx (2006)
The Movie Schlinx (2007)
Mission Improv-able (2009)
Whatever You Want (2010)
Boo Us! (2011)
You’ll Die Laughing (2012)
Kids of Comedy (2013)
Jack-O-Laughter (2015)