ANITA MORALES is a teacher with Total Improv Kids. A trained improv professional with over 30 years of experience, Anita has trained in both L.A. and New York, performing with a number of popular improv groups and working with some of the great improv artists, including Harvey Lembeck, Tamara Wilcox-Smith, Andy Goldberg and Paul Sills. She also worked with the late great Avery Schreiber, where she met Linda. A singer and dancer, Anita has also traveled around the country performing and has appeared in such popular musical films as Grease and Stayin’ Alive. She is thrilled to be working with Linda Total Improv Kids, passing on what she knows to help kids grow in this art form. Like Linda, Anita believes improv can be used for so much more that performing. It can also be used to help kids build a foundation for their growth and the development of the skills they will need to be successful in life, whatever their endeavor.

MAX SCHAFER has studied with Viola Spolin, Paul Sills, and has worked with many of the top Improvisation teachers in the world for 40 years. He was a keynote speaker at the Educational Theater Association and leads intensive workshops around the world. He is a Distinguished classroom teacher in the Los Angeles School District, working with children from 5 years old to 12 years old. His multimedia CD “Viola Spolin’s Theater Games for the Classroom” is part of the Spolin  collection of books. He is currently adapting Spolin games for Dance. He is also a programmer and inventor.

BARBERA ANN HOWARD is a teacher with Total Improv Kids. Barbera started practicing improv in New York City in the late 70s and has continued her work in the field (and her passion) ever since. In New York, she worked alongside the renowned improv teacher Keith Johnstone, creator of the Impro System. Since moving to Los Angeles, Barbera has continued her work, linking up with several local improv groups. She has taught improv to everyone from young children to senior citizens and she believes learning improv has the power to help people in every aspect of their lives.

PAUL STORIALE is a teacher and manager with Fulton Entertainment. He is known for creating elaborate theatre productions in North Hollywood. Paul received his comedy training in Chicago and has studied with Tim O’Malley, Andy Goldberg and Dick Schaal. Paul has successfully created adult improv groups such as Duchess Riot and Comedy Bandits. He currently works with the group “House of Culture.” A published playwright, Paul enjoys improv as it guides not only in entertaining but also in real life.

JIM MARTYKA is an administrative assistant with Total Improv Kids. Jim Martyka is a professional writer and actor who has worked with Linda for the past five years. He is also the proud co-author of The Power of Improvisation as well as several other acting, autobiographical and motivational books. He is the co-founder of Theatre Unleashed, a nonprofit theatre company based in North Hollywood. He is also a teacher and a consultant, helping incredible people like Linda Fulton put their thoughts and life work into the written word.