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Over the years, Total Improv Kids has been asked to perform in various festivals including the San Francisco Improv Festival and the NoHo Arts Festival. They have also performed at world renowned comedy clubs such as The Improv in Hollywood and The Ice House in Pasadena as well as the KidSpace Museum. Total Improv Kids has opened for several successful improv troupes, including The Moving Targets and Oui Be Negroes. The school’s improv show Comedy Pizza also received an ADA award for Best Kids Show.


In 2008, the school marked a milestone when Total Improv Kids made its Off Broadway debut at St. Luke’s Theater on W. 46th St. Most of the cast members were kids who started with Linda back in 1999 when she first founded the school.


Total Improv Kids has participated with The Pioneer Program at Victory Park, working with learning-disabled adults. Late in 2008, Vaughn Next Century Learning Center, one of the nation’s first charter schools located in the Los Angeles School District, asked Linda to come and hold workshops for their middle school’s gifted students. For this program, Total Improv Kids received a grant from the California Arts Council for their Artist in Residence Program. The program was a complete success and Vaughn not only asked for it to continue for the middle school children but also to be extended for the entire year. For her efforts, Linda received a certificate of appreciation from the City of Los Angeles.


In June of 2009, one of Linda’s original students Karoline Ordonez, (7 years old when she started in 1999), began to teach and direct her students directly. Karoline made her directorial debut for Total Improv Kids in a successful run called Mission Improvable, which earned her a certificate of appreciation from State Senator Caroline Liu and a Best Director Nomination at the Valley League’s Artistic Director Achievement Awards. Three other members of that show, Keene Newede, Jacob Tragarz and Ally Devries, were also nominated for Best Actor Awards with Devries earning the award.


Total Improv has become a fixture of the ADA Awards, with several students nominated for various shows throughout the years and awards for Best Production – Children’s Show (The Schlinx) and Best Director – Linda Fulton (The Movie Schlinx).


In July of 2012, Linda received a Congressional Certificate of Recognition from the U.S. Representative Howard R. Berman of the 28th District.


In 2013, Linda helped a group of young improv-ers through regional qualifiers in the Destination Imagination event, a global afterschool competition to promote creativity.

In 2018, Linda was chosen to be a guest speaker on "Child Development Through Improvisation" at the Applied Improvisation Network Conference in Paris, France, followed shortly after by another invitation to speak (and work with kids) in Vienna, Austria in 2019.

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