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If you have a group of students, Linda can be booked to come work with you and your group, be it a classroom or a private visit. Linda will focus on the beginning stages of developmental improvisation, getting students working (and playing!) together on improv games and exercises to get them more comfortable with not only group participation, but also identifying their own individual strengths.




Linda can be booked for regular weekly classroom appearances, depending on scheduling and availability. With a consistent booking, Linda will work a classroom through the beginning stages of developmental improvisation, getting the students playing a variety of exercises and games with different benefits to help round out the edges often missed by traditional education.



Linda has a program for teaching teachers, coaches, psychologists, etc. the basics of developmental improvisation, the theory behind why it works and games and exercises they can play with their students to help them untap new potentials. Linda can adapt her program to whatever timeframe is needed. Extra costs for regional, national and international travel.




If more personal one-on-one help is needed, Linda is available for consultation bookings, both in person and either over the phone or Zoom conferencing.




This is a full program to learn developmental improvisation as well as all three phases of The Fulton Method, the games involved and how to use the method to help students reach their highest potential. This hands-on and in-depth study of Linda’s practice is designed to make participants experts in developmental improvisation and how to teach it and the games. Apprentices will eventually be able to use The Fulton Method for their own teaching purposes, cultivating classes on their own with Linda’s guidance.


While the bulk of Linda’s work is with kids, she has also worked over the course of her career teaching adults from theatre troupes to corporate staffs to the developmentally handicapped. With adults, Linda uses a similar approach as regular classes, but tailors it to a more adult audience.

*Pricing for each service is determined on a case-by-case basis after an initial free consultation.

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