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“Linda Fulton and Total Improv Kids have been working with our Adaptive Recreation program for the past year. We are excited about the progress that we are seeing in the participants with disabilities who are members of our ongoing recreation program. The participants are enthusiastic and enjoy the variety of games offered though Linda Fulton and her staff. Participants who were normally very shy and withdrawn are joining the group activities for the first time…”


-Jackie Scott, Adaptive Recreation Specialist, Human Services and Recreation Department

“My teenage son has been rehearsing and performing with Total Improv Kids for several months. He is a special needs child with mild autism, learning disabilities and accompanying emotional issues. Total Improv Kids has provided a fertile outlet for his hyperactivity and overflowing imagination. Within Total Improv Kids’ gentle structure, he can be himself in a way that is not only appreciated, but applauded by others. His social skills have blossomed because of the friendships and encouragement he has received from others in the group. When I see his sparkling eyes and delighted smile, his new focus and purpose, I can hardly believe he is the kid he used to be.”


-Marilyn Glasscock, parent

“This letter serves to commend the wonderful work of Linda Fulton as director of Total Improv Kids. My son absolutely loves his weekly class and would not miss it for the world. We have seen him perform live and what a tremendous thrill it was. His confidence and self-esteem have soared. Thank you Linda.”


-Gary Lane, parent

“Linda has helped my daughter become a much more rounded person and has given her more confidence to perform in front of audiences to her fullest ability. She has become a great performer with the help of Linda Fulton and Total Improv Kids.”


-JoAnn Galvan, parent

“Linda has introduced her young thespians to a wide variety of exciting opportunities – meeting professional performers, organizing out-of-town performances, staging numerous gigs throughout Southern California and doing so with a loving, patient, enthusiastic, supportive and amazingly indefatigable spirit…We are fortunate that our son has learned so much about his passion and he too is very appreciative of Linda’s guidance, wisdom and support.”


-Kim Price, parent

“Since knowing Linda, I have witnessed a tireless dedication to her improvisation work with children. I greatly admire and support the work she is doing…It is my belief that all children should have the opportunity to be involved in the performing arts. Most of us who are in this profession are here because someone inspired us in our youth.”


-David Farkas, Owner, Farkas Voice Institute and former Julliard instructor


“Linda Fulton is an excellent educator and uses Total Improv Kids classes as a fun and creative way to teach young people valuable life skills they probably will not learn anywhere else…not even in school. The children that participate in Total Improv Kids learn to be creative, work as a team, develop their self-confidence, and critically think. In addition, they learn about setting a goal, imagining that goal in their minds, and then take necessary steps to achieve that goal. These skills are all completely transferable to their academic success and in even in the workplace. When I was in a position that required me to hire people, these skills were sorely lacking in the vast majority of the individuals I interviewed. In today’s world, the average weekly “screen time” of many young person rivals the hours of a part time job. I’d highly recommend Linda Fulton’s class as a way for young people to  have fun and learn the valuable life skills necessary for success in their future endeavors, both academic and career."


-Steven Maggiore, ESL Product Specialist for Academic ESL titles, National Geographic Learning


"Seeing the changes in my daughter throughout her years in Total Improv Kids with Linda made me a believer in the power of improv. Initially, my daughter signed up for classes to hone her acting skills, but as I observed, I realized that the benefits went way beyond acting skills, as many priceless life skills were developed as well. I noticed improvements in areas such as social confidence, thinking on one’s feet, commanding an audience, and being present in the moment during interactions. As a neuropsychologist, I appreciate improv as an effective tool for enhancing cognitive/emotional abilities and realizing brain potential. I wish to commend Linda on all she has done (and continues to do) for the field of improv. Her passion for helping others through improv is apparent in her thoughtful teaching approach. I marvel at how she has profoundly touched the lives of others as she builds her legacy. Total Improv Kids certainly made a huge impact on my daughter. In turn, the life skills my daughter learned through improv have served as a catalyst for her to help others. Amazing work, Linda!"

- Bobbie DeBettignies, parent, neuropsychologist


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