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The mission of Improvability is to work with kids as well as with adults, teachers, counselors, coaches, educators, and parents to provide students an opportunity to explore their intellectual, creative, and intuitive selves while promoting individual growth, responsibility, confidence, social comfort, and leadership skills. Through our work together through developmental improvisation, we will guide students through a personal journey so that they consciously and subconsciously hone their communication, concentration, memory, and problem-solving abilities in a supportive, non-competitive environment. Using the Fulton Method, we will reorganize children’s brains to a new way of thinking that empowers them through self-efficacy, preparing them to be adaptable to whatever their future may hold. The ultimate goal is to help all students become more well-rounded individuals, collaborative problem-solvers, and creative independent thinkers who can take charge of their own lives and adapt to whatever situation they find themselves in now and in the future.

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